AC Technician Course in Hyderabad

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AC Technician Course

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems Course

Throughout your program you’ll learn and practice AC Technician, HVAC installation, AC repair, AC maintenance, AC Mechanic, and Maintenance of Chiller system including site visit

AC Technician Training Details

Electricity concepts

Single phase
3 phase concepts
voltage and power rating concepts
circuit breaker
Electrical Controls and Systems
Different Wires and its selection
Contactor & Relay
Principles of AC/DC
Electrical Control Panel
3 Phase and 1 Phase wiring
identify the terminals of sealed compressor
DOL starter, resistors, transistor, capacitor, and PCB
Test compressor motor terminal
start compressor Direct with relay & without relay
Wire Gauge selection and MCB selection

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Fundamentals

Introduction to Refrigeration cycle
Vapor Compression Cycle
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Parts and Description
Refrigeration piping concepts
Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Expansion valve
Types Of Refrigerants CFCs and HFCs

Measurement and RAC Tools

Copper tube cutter
Flaring tool
Pipe calibration tools (internal/external)
Pipe bending tools
Ruler, pen & pencil
Adjustable wrench
Vacuum gauge
Tube expander tool & expander heads
Vacuum pump
Oxy-acetylene torch set
Torch igniter
Manifold gauge

Operations in RAC

Able to do copper tube cutting
leak test
gas charging
technique of flushing
leak testing
replacing capillary & filter drier
evacuation & gas charging

Types of ACs -Its Installation, Maintenance and Servicing

Dx Type
Chill Water System
Package Ac
Roof Top Ac

DX Type (Central and Non Central)

Commissioning, Testing, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Split Hi Wall AC
Window Type
Cassette Type
Tower type
Ductable Type
Package Type

VRV/ VRF Commissioning, Testing, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Difference between VRV and DX Piping
Ref net Joint Brazing
VRV Error Codes

Chiller Plant Maintenance

Working Cycle
Primary and Secondary Refrigerants
Valves and Pumps
Chiller Parts Detail Description
Chiller Operation
Chiller maintenance Weekly , Monthly and Quarterly

Safety Rules and Precautions
Troubleshooting & Error Detection

Overview of Syllabus

101 – Reading Blueprints
102 – Reading Schematics and Symbols
104 – Making Measurements
105 – Metals in the Plant
106 – Nonmetals in the Plant
107 – Hand Tools
108 – Portable Power Tools
109 Industrial Safety and Health
110 – Troubleshooting Skills

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

301 – The Refrigeration Cycle
302 – Refrigerants & Refrigerant Oils
303 – Compressors
304 – Evaporators and Metering Devices
305 – Condensers and Cooling Towers
306 – Piping
307 – Control Systems
308 – Air-Handling Systems
309 – System Troubleshooting

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