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Building Management Systems(BMS) Course

A building management system (BMS), or building automation system (BAS), is a computer-based control system installed in buildings.

Refrigeration Cycle, Heat load and Cooling Load Calculation (Manual and Software), Air Distribution system (Duct Design), Detail Explanation for DX, VRF, DVM, Package and Chill Water System, Ventilation Design, Hydronic System, Quantity Survey and Estimation, BOQ, System Selection, Codes and Standards, Technical Specifications and safety

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Building Management Systems(BMS) Courses

Introduction Building Management System

• Learn the essentials of BMS
• In-depth knowledge of BMS
• Understand the roles & responsibilities
• Trainer led classroom case study
• Interview advice and recommendations
• Job advice and recommendations from SME

Building Automation Systems Work

be familiar with all parts of BMS
• understand how building automation systems work
• know how to create and write a program (TAC Vista) [ENGINEERS ONLY]
• be able to read flow/DDC drawings
• learn how to effectively manage the system

BMS Course Structure

1. Automation Systems – What & Why?
2. Introduction to BMS
3. Platforms used in Building Automation
4. Different types of input and outputs
5. Different types of Field Devices
6. Importance of Cable Tags
7. Flow Drawings
8. DDC Drawings
9. Sequence of Operation
10. O&M Manual
11. Case Study
12. Job Roles & Responsibilities
13. Programming logic – creates & writes (TAC Vista) [ENGINEERS ONLY]

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